Help support our kids! We have now raised $7,000 out of our $20,000 goal.

Every $33 donation provides 10 free books & summer services to a child in need.



Students living in poverty typically lose three months of reading growth every summer due to the lack of access to books, commonly referred to as 'summer slide'. This accumulates to a three year achievement gap by the end of sixth grade leaving students living in poverty significantly behind with little to no chance of closing the gap.

This literacy gap can change the course of a child's life. A student living in poverty not reading at his or her grade level by the end of the third grade is six times less likely to graduate high school and 63 times more likely to be incarcerated.



Gaining Ground begins by forming a partnership with schools in low-socio-economic communities in the Tulsa area. We work with the school administration team to identify needs and develop a plan to support summer reading for all students.

Gaining Ground provides children with the support, encouragement, individualized instruction, guided practice, and access to high interest materials that will reverse a negative cycle.